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Institute of Materials Finishing

Mission Statement

"To provide a focus for Surface Engineering and Finishing activities worldwide through the fulfilment of the technical, educational and professional needs at all levels for both the individuals and companies involved in the coatings industry."
To be an internationally recognised ‘partner’ within the surface engineering and finishing industry.
• To promote and provide for the attainment of vocational, academic and professional qualifications appropriate to the needs of industry.
• To provide regular U.K. and International publications for research and development, legislative and practical matters.
• Continue to represent the professional interests and exceed the expectations of its members.
• To be the first point of contact for all surface finishing enquiries and facilitate technical and professional networking.
• To enhance the Institute's reputation for excellence in professional conduct.
• To provide a trusted independent conduit for knowledge transfer throughout the supply chain of the surface engineering and finishing industry.
• To attract industry and academic professionals to join and further increase the knowledge base.
• To work in co-operation with other institutes/bodies.
• To promote the application of research and development within industry.
• To influence legislative bodies' decision making, as this relates to industry standards and regulations.
• To provide effective channels of communication through regular events and the Institute's web site



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Organic Group

The Organic Finishing Group is dedicated to supporting and promoting the interests of the paint and powder coating sector for metal finishing. We meet regularly to discuss topics of importance and relevance, from coating manufacture through application onto final testing and specification.

Branches of IMF

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Gold Medal
This award, the highest accolade given by the Institute, is presented from time to time for outstanding personal, scientific or technical achievement relevant to the objectives of the Institute. Click for Winners List

Samuel Field Medal

The award should be made to any member of the IMF who is deemed to have given extraordinary voluntary service to the IMF. Click for Winners List

Hothersall Memorial Award

This award, usually made every two years, is given to an individual in recognition of their outstanding service to the metal finishing industry. The recipient of this award presents the Hothersall Memorial Lecture either at the AGM or at a Conference. Click for Winners List

Johnson Matthey Silver Medal (Sponsored by Johnson Matthey plc).

Awarded to individuals of academic, public and industrial organisations for high quality research in the field of precious metal coating. It is for a most original and progressive contribution towards the creation, development, or understanding of precious metal coatings, for use in any significant industrial, medical or environmental process, whether recently evolved or well established and published in Transactions. Click for Winners List

Jim Kape Memorial Medal (Sponsored by the IMF).
This is presented from time to time for a paper of significance in the field of aluminium or other light metal finishing and published in Transactions. Click for Winners List

Canning Bi-Centenary Medal(Sponsored by MacDermid plc).
This award is for the best practical paper published in the Bulletin section of Transactions. Click for Winners List

The Westinghouse Prize  (Sponsored by Riley Industries Ltd).
This award is for the best paper published in Transactions, that has shown the most valuable development in the science and practice of electrochemistry in general and electro deposition in particular. Click for Winners List

Connie Sieff Memorial Award  (Sponsored by the IMF).
This award is for meritorious service to the surface finishing industry internationally.
Click for Winners List

Eddie Marlow Memorial Medal(Sponsored by PMD (UK) Ltd).
This award is for an outstanding contribution to the education and training of people working in surface engineering. Click for Winners List

Examination High Achievement Prizes  
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The Institute of Materials Finishing was founded in 1925, its title then being the Electroplaters and Depositors Technical Society. Its main purpose was to disseminate technical information on electrodeposition by means of technical publications, meetings and conferences.
The area of interest broadened into all aspects of surface finishing on metal when it assumed the title of the Institute of Metal Finishing in 1951.
In 2013 the name was changed to the Institute of Materials Finishing to embrace all technologies of surface finishing on a much wider variety of materials. Such processes embrace electro-plating, organic (paint) finishing, anodising, printed circuitry and ancillary methods of surface treatment.
More recently, the IMF has further broadened its interest to cover other aspects of surface engineering.

Past Presidents
A list of the Past Presidents of the IMF is available by clicking here

History Book of the IMF
Is available as a dowloadable pdf file by clicking here


Privacy Notice

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We will not sell or pass on your information for marketing purposes.
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